Where one street ends…

Where do you think South Main Street ends and North Main Street begins?

The Cork Folklore Project’s archive of interviews about North and South Main Streets demonstrate that people have different ideas about where the boundary between these two streets lies.

Many people think that the divide between South and North Main Streets is at Washington Street (it’s a big intersection).

Listen to Noreen Hanover’s opinion of where South Main Street starts and ends (source CFP_SR00537).


Noreen isn’t completely sure of where the divide between the two streets is. Others who are more familiar with the street map explain where exactly it is, and why.

Tom Spalding explains of where the divide is, and why people are confused about it today (source CFP_SR00538).


As a planner, someone who works with maps all the time, Erin O’Brien is confident about where where the real boundary between the two streets lies (source CFP_SR00543).