The future?

To survive for the future, North and South Main Streets need to reinvent themselves.

An oral history archive like the Cork Folklore Project is not just about preserving the past. Our interviews also contain many ideas about the future. In the collection about North and South Main Streets, some contributors talked about how the streets could develop in the future, while simultaneously maintaining a sense of community and history.


As a planner, Erin O’Brien sees the data from this part of the city, and the potential it shows for the future (source CFP_SR00543).


This hinges on attracting more people to live in the city centre – and North and South Main Streets have a lot going for them and they are very attractive to many who are not “native” to Cork. Tara Arpaia loves North Main Street, and thinks of it as “the Manhattan of Cork” (source CFP_SR00543).


Erin O’Brien thinks that the North Main Street “urban and buzzy”! (Source CFP_SR00543.)


As a trader, Michael Creedon thinks that the power lies with the public; they can support the traditional businesses of the city if they choose to do so (source CFP_SR00546).